My newest sustainability adventures

I’ve often considered writing a blog but I’m not a great writer and I didn’t think I had anything people would really want to read.  I recently had a revelation that my assumption just might be wrong.   My revelation was mostly multiple people telling me I was crazy.  That I have the coolest job ever.  That I get to meet awesome people.  Or that I actually make positive change in what I do.  That I inspire others.  You can be the judge if any of that is true or not but I’m going for it!

Just this week, I learned that I received a scholarship from Sodexo’s (my day job) Women’s Network Group (WiNG) to attend the Sustainable Food Laboratory Annual Leadership Summit in the Dominican Republic.  First of all, this scholarship from WiNG is an annual sustainability scholarship given in the memory of a friend that left this Earth too young.  Karen worked diligently to further sustainability initiatives and was an active WiNG member mentoring others in our company.  I consider it an honor to represent her memory.  

The Sustainable Food Lab is an organization that brings stakeholders together to collaboratively drive positive change in the food system.  The theme is Sustainable Sourcing in Global Supply Chains.  The Food Lab creates a safe space for businesses (large and small), NGO’s, farmers and farmer groups to talk about issues and solutions to create a more sustainable supply chain.  I believe everyone has an obligation and value to add in sustainability discussions so I look forward to the opportunity.

However, it is entirely possible, that I might be looking forward to the Learning Journey’s the most.  I’ve chosen to take a learning journey about Community Based Food Systems that delves into rice, bananas, milk and fish.  There’s also a side trip learning about unprocessed salt production….a recent mild obsession of mine.  If for some reason I can’t attend the above particular Learning Journey, I will get to attend Cacao, Agroforestry and Impacts of Sustainability Certification or The Role of Vertical Integration in Sustainable Sugar and Cacao.  Either way…winning!  (Take note Charlie Sheen.)

I believe this is going to be a personal life changing experience and that was the final point for me to start a blog.  In the world of sustainability, you should share what you know with others so they can learn from your experiences, adjust those lessons accordingly and make change in this world.  I’m going to share my experiences so others can join me in trying to leave this Earth better than when I arrived.


The opinions expressed by My Sustainable Adventures and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Sodexo, Inc., its parent corporation, subsidiaries, or affiliates (collectively referred to as “Sodexo”), or any employee thereof. Sodexo is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by Christy Cook on this Web site.


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