DR – Dairy Tour

We started the morning off bright and early in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where we all load onto our little bus that will guide us through the day.  The first stop of this farm tour day includes a dairy.

What’s important to know about dairy and this community is that there is a definite transition in agriculture.  Dominicans follow the crop that will provide for them.  About 50 years ago the community was farming peanuts.  U.S. severely impacted the peanut business so then they tried tobacco.  It was profitable for some time but then Phillip Morris cancelled all their contracts in 2001 and so the farmers transitioned again.  Due to this,  we had the unique opportunity to see the infant stages of a young dairy business.   

In the DR, most milk production goes toward cheese production but this particular dairy association switched to liquid milk with the company Parmalat.


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