High Fives for Zero Waste!!

We learned something very important last season as we implemented new zero waste procedures. Not everyone cares about where waste goes. Gasp!!

We needed to work harder this year to educate our non-profit groups and Sodexo team members (about a total of 1300 – 1400 people per game) on why zero waste is important and how they are all part of the solution. And that’s just what we did! 

Additionally, we added a fun incentive program.  Molly Kurth and my two Sodexo Zero Waste heros Vikki Graves and Nicole Hartner, created a recognition and rewards program around Zero Waste. Basically, if your compost is clean, no contamination, the non-profit group will receive a High Five. As the group accumulates High Fives, they can earn additional financial incentives for their group. This is how many non-profit groups raise money for their organizations and every incentive helps!

The first game resulted in 57 High Fives which means that a little more than 50% of the concession stands open on the first game had clean compost!  We hit 71 High Five’s for game two which meant almost 60% of the compost was not contaminated.   We felt this was a great start to the 2012 season!


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